Barristers4Change is a non-governmental charitable organisation. It is founded by a group of barristers who are devoted to work and change any issues of legal systems, human rights as well as other issues of state systems, which have serious impact on our society.

The Objectives of the Organisation
a) To work to strengthen the legal systems of Bangladesh
b) To work to make policy for ensuring the appropriate justice for all
c) To work to provide an advocacy service helping innocent victims and the paupers
d) To work to raise awareness of the importance of the legal systems of Bangladesh.
e) To research on legal issues with a view to provide assistance to the relevant legal Departments
f) To organise seminars and debates with any kind of legal issues and to offer advice to the appropriate Authorities of the Government
g) To conduct research on different legal issues and publish the research for the purpose of attracting the appropriate Government Departments
h) To campaign to improve the living and health condition in the prisons
i) To campaign to improve the quality of food in the prisons
j) To campaign to transform the prison into a remedial centre

Membership and Management Team:
Barristers who have been Called to the Bar from one of any four Honourable Inns of England and Wales may become a member of the organisation provided he/she intends to comply with the objectives and regulations of the organisation. However, the Management reserves the right to decline any application for a membership.

Our Vision
To create a stronger and inclusive civil society to meet the needs of our country.

Our Mission
Our mission is to build a knowledge-based society. We will strive to safeguard the human rights and bring changes to the society in terms of legal issues, miscarriage of justice and other issues of the country it may require.Our activities are innovative, collaborative and based on evidence.

How we will achieve our mission
• Increase the involvement of the Barristers in implementing our activities
• Increase awareness of the people and professionals by conducting research andorganising seminars
• Improve the capacity of the organisation to meet the needs of the society